Meat Lovers Menu

In such a fast paced world we like to slow things down a little, every plate is cooked from scratch to order and this takes time. We hope you enjoy your time with us but more importantly, each other. 




Asparagus and Buffalo Feta Fritters 14

w/ black pepper, lime and basil emulsion

Ember Grilled Hen-o’-the-Woods Mushrooms 15

w/ wild rice, black walnut, beet root and dill

Grilled Treviso and White Bean Salad 16

w/ blood orange, fennel pollen and manchego

Fennel Cured Steelhead Trout 18

w/ pickled rhubarb, daikon radish, fiddleheads and sorrel



White Beet and Ricotta Stuffed Casunziei 15 / 24

w/ kefir butter, meyer lemon, wild onion and poppyseed

Buckwheat and Wood Ash Capunti 16 / 25

w/ sweetbreads, smoked prosciutto, sweet pea and buttered popcorn

Sourdough Strozzapreti Carbonera 17 / 26

w/ black trumpet mushrooms, madeira, black pepper and pecorino



Atlantic Cod and Salt Spring Mussels Bouillabaisse 28

w/ manilla clams, smoked paprika and crème fraîche pomme purée

Fire Roasted Shank of Spring Lamb 30

w/ fava bean, toasted barley, golden milk and dandelion

VG Farms Bavette Steak 30

w/ shitake bordelaise, ember grilled scallions and sesame

Roast Chop of Whey Fed Pork 32

w/ pain d’épice, caramelized fennel and prune



Caramelized Sunchokes     8

w/ wild leek and hazelnut pesto

Seared Rapini 8

w/ aleppo chili and black olive crumb

Butter Roasted Radishes    8

w/ chickpea miso and spring herbs