Meat Lovers Menu

In such a fast paced world we like to slow things down a little, every plate is cooked from scratch to order and this takes time. We hope you enjoy your time with us but more importantly, each other. 




Zucchini and Water Buffalo Feta Fritters 14

w/ harissa, basil emulsion and citrus sea salt

Ember Grilled Hen-o’-the-Woods Mushrooms 15

w/ wild rice, black walnut, beet root and dill

Chilled Cucumber and Buttermilk Soup 15

w/ watermelon radish, cucamelon, poblano pepper and dill

Roasted New Beet and Cured Mangalitsa Salad 18

w/ pickled cherries, arugula, fresh fig and hazelnut



Sourdough Rye Tagliatelle 15 / 24

w/ smokey aubergine, salt baked tomato, arbol chili, black kale and pecorino

Sweet Corn Stuffed Sourdough Agnolotti 17 / 26

w/ marscapone, saffron jus, cherry tomato and dill

Spelt Cavatelli and Little Neck Clams 17 / 26

w/ savoy cabbage, smoked ham hock and toasted brioche crumbs



Crispy Pan Seared Branzino 28

w/ confit new potatoes, black olive, vanilla cauliflower & roast lemon puree

Oven Roasted Leg of Confit Duck 30

w/ roast plum, toasted oats, duck jus, brussels sprouts and pistachio

VG Farms Bavette Steak 30

w/ tomatillo, salsa criolla and ember grilled garlic scapes

Roast Chop of Whey Fed Pork 32

w/ oaxacan cinnamon butter, chanterelles, sage and savoury



Fingerling Potato Salad  8

w/ dill pickle, farm fresh egg and mayonnaise

Blistered Shishito Peppers 8

w/ smoked maldon salt and lemon

Marinated French Beans  8

w/ tahini, mint, and alleppo chili