Meat Lovers Menu

In such a fast paced world we like to slow things down a little, every plate is cooked from scratch to order and this takes time. We hope you enjoy your time with us but more importantly, each other. 




Crispy Stuffed Squash Blossoms 14

w/ water buffalo feta, summer squash and harissa

Ember Grilled Hen-o’-the-Woods Mushrooms 15

w/ wild rice, black walnut, beet root and dill

Chilled Cucumber and Buttermilk Soup 15

w/ watermelon radish, cucamelon, poblano pepper and dill

Roasted New Beet and Cured Mangalitsa Salad 18

w/ pickled cherries, arugula, fresh fig and hazelnut



White Beet and Ricotta Stuffed Casunziei 15 / 24

w/ kefir butter, meyer lemon, wild onion and poppyseed

Buckwheat and Wood Ash Capunti 16 / 25

w/ sweetbreads, smoked prosciutto, sweet pea and buttered popcorn

Sourdough Red Fife Pappardelle 18 / 27

w/ braised rabbit, morels, cream and herbes de provence



Kombu Dusted Lake Erie Pickerel 28

w/ fresh legumes, tokyo turnip, preserved lemon and herb emulsion

Fire Roasted Shank of Spring Lamb 30

w/ fava bean, toasted barley, golden milk and dandelion

VG Farms Bavette Steak 30

w/ tomatillo, salsa criolla and ember grilled garlic scapes

Roast Chop of Whey Fed Pork 32

w/ oaxican cinnamon butter, chanterelles, sage and savoury



Fingerling Potato Salad  8

w/ dill pickle, farm fresh egg and mayonnaise

Blistered Shishito Peppers 8

w/ smoked maldon salt and lemon

Marinated French Beans  8

w/ tahini, mint, and alleppo chili