Beer & Mixed Drinks


Beer From Bellwoods Brewery (Toronto, ON, 500ml) mp

Beer From Burdock Brewery (Toronto, ON, 375ml) mp

Beau’s Lug-Tread Lagered Ale (ON, 5.2%, 355ml) 7

Godspeed SVETLÉ VÝČEPNÍ PIVO Czech Pale Lager (ON, 4.0% 355ml) 9

Rodenbach Grand Cru (BE, 6%, 330ml) 9

Founders Rubaeus Rasberry Ale (USA, 5.7% 355ml) 9

Matron Fine Beer Brewing Janky IPA, (PEC, 6%, 355ml) 9  

Rochefort 10 (BE, 11.3%, 330ml) 12

Lindemans Cuvée René Gueuze (BE, 6%, 375ml) 15

Burdock Brewery Best Fruits (Toronto, 8.1% 375ml) 21


A Red Wedding 12

campari, dolin vermouth, orange and house tonic

Woodn’t You? 14

evan william’s bourbon, averna, maple syrup , black walnut bitters and orange oil

Northern Exposure 14

pisco, belsar dry vermouth, balsam fir, lime and egg white

Gudrid The Viking 14

dillon’s no. 7 gin, cucumber, mint, lime, jalapeno and egg white

Parque Hundido 14

pimm’s, cazedorez tequilla, galliano, strawberry, rhubarb, tarragon and DSB bitters

Mai Time On The Farm 15

angostura 1919 rum, marmalade, orgeat, lime, basil and pear bitters

No Lifeguard On Duty 16

dillon’s absinthe, rum, pineapple, mint and coconut

MOCKTAILS  zero alcohol options

Drop Dead Gorgeous 9

seedlip grove 42 with raspberry syrup, lime juice and tarragon

American Vandal 10

seedlip spice 94 with verbena tea, rose syrup and lemon juice

What We Do In The Shadows 10

seedlip gardin 108 with earl grey syrup, ginger, lemon juice and soda