Vegetarian Menu


Crispy Stuffed Zucchini Blossom 5

w/ summer squash, aleppo chili, fontina and lemon balm

Ember Grilled Hen-o’-the-Woods Mushrooms 16

w/ wild rice, black walnut, beetroot and dill

Summer Sweet Pea and Hazelnut Tart 17

w/ ember grilled leek, fromage blanc and spicy greens


Wild Mushroom Sourdough Spelt Pappardelle  17 / 25

w/ balsam fir butter, parmesan and tarragon

Carrot and Ginger Stuffed Sourdough Agnolotti 19 / 27

w/ confit leek, vento d’estate, vanilla and black olive butter


Fire Roasted Stuffed Turnip 25

w/ sweet pea velouté, toasted oats, apricot and pistachio

Ember Grilled Marinated Artichoke Hearts 28

w/ oven baked polenta, romesco, charred leek and summer herbs


Glazed Spring Radishes 7

w/ chickpea miso and dill

Ember Grilled Ontario Asparagus 8

w/ smoked maldon salt and lemon

Crispy Sunchokes 9

w/ fermented ramp aioli

In such a fast-paced world we like to slow things down a little, every plate is cooked from scratch to order and this takes time. We hope you enjoy your time with us but more importantly, each other. Please advise us of any allergies or if you’re in a rush.